Journal of Planning - Planning: 32 (2)
Volume: 32  Issue: 2 - 2022

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3.Book Review: Leyla Bektaş Ata's Study Titled "Living, Growing and Waiting in Limontepe: A Neighborhood Narrative Before Urban Regeneration"
Tuğba Tuncer Tiryaki
doi: 10.14744/planlama.2022.30316  Pages 175 - 179
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4.General Profile of Mersin University City and Regional Planning Department Students and Their Views of the Labor Market
Ali Cenap Yoloğlu
doi: 10.14744/planlama.2022.99710  Pages 180 - 184
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5.A Critical Evaluation on the Concepts of Horizontal and Vertical Urbanisms
Savaş Zafer Şahin
doi: 10.14744/planlama.2022.71602  Pages 185 - 190
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6.The Scope of Physical Planning Between 2003-2019 in Turkey: An Evaluation Through The Journal Of Plannig
Selin Karaibrahimoğlu
doi: 10.14744/planlama.2021.02411  Pages 191 - 204

7.The Evaluation of Zoning Peace Application: The Sample of Trabzon
Suna Ersavaş Kavanoz, Nisa Erdem
doi: 10.14744/planlama.2021.92259  Pages 205 - 220

8.Role of Local Administrations in Combating Urban Poverty
Osman Sümer
doi: 10.14744/planlama.2021.53215  Pages 221 - 246

9.Assessment of Tendency to Become a Smart City Among Turkish Cities in the Context of Underdevelopment: An Empirical Analysis
Suat Tüysüz, Ahmet Yazar, Müge Manga
doi: 10.14744/planlama.2021.01346  Pages 247 - 255

10.Ecotourism as a Rural Development Model: As a Women Leaded Ecotourism Process of Piraziz Şeyhli Village (the Black Sea Region of Turkey)
Neslihan Aydın Yönet, Funda Yirmibesoglu
doi: 10.14744/planlama.2021.44227  Pages 256 - 268

11.Resilience of Agricultural Policies Through the Eyes of Farmers
Şerife Betül Çetinkaya, Hilal Erkuş
doi: 10.14744/planlama.2021.45477  Pages 269 - 279

12.Definition of Open-Permeable Neighborhood Concept and Design Criteria for Development of an Open-Permeable Neighborhood System in the Levent Region
Melih Birik, Omer Devrim Aksoyak, Ozlem Caliskan
doi: 10.14744/planlama.2021.53765  Pages 280 - 297

13.A Conceptual Model Proposal for the Applicability of Park and Ride Systems in Turkey
Hatice Gül Önder, Hülagü Kaplan
doi: 10.14744/planlama.2021.29292  Pages 298 - 311

14.University as an Actor in Bahçelievler Millet Bahçesi Participatory Design Practice: An Evaluation via Ladder of Participation
Ufuk Küçükyazıcı, Berkay Oskay, Evrim Töre, Zeynep Ayşe Gökşin, Yasemin Erkan Yazıcı, Ayşenur Hilal Iavarone, Şeyda Şen
doi: 10.14744/planlama.2021.04875  Pages 312 - 328

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