Journal of Planning Journal of Planning - Planning: 33 (2)
Volume: 33  Issue: 2 - 2023

Pages I - VII


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3.Examination of Spatial Planning and Design Process of Villages According to the Current Legislation
Çağla Aydemir, Atila Gül
doi: 10.14744/planlama.2022.15807  Pages 205 - 217

4.Housing Production in Mid-Sized Cities: Local Building Contractors in Aydın
Emre İrfan Kovankaya, Asuman Türkün
doi: 10.14744/planlama.2023.44827  Pages 218 - 233

5.Firm Sizes and Spatial Level of Tourism Relations in Alanya Tourism Cluster
Fatma Erdoğanaras, Kübra Cihangir Çamur, Demet Erol, Melisa Bıyıklı
doi: 10.14744/planlama.2023.12599  Pages 234 - 250

6.Logistics Center Location Optimisation in Thrace: A Hybrid Approach Using AHP and TOPSIS Methods
Senay Oğuztimur, Gizem Nur Kılçarslan, Ecem Alıcı, Kâmil Serdengeçti
doi: 10.14744/planlama.2023.70298  Pages 251 - 265

7.Campus-Based Spatial Analysis of Hasanoğlan High Village Institute from its Foundation to the Present
Gul Simsek, Cansın Mercanoglu, Hüseyin Küçükoğlu
doi: 10.14744/planlama.2023.24482  Pages 266 - 287

8.The Political Role of the Urban Planner: Implications from the Turkish Experience
Esin Özdemir
doi: 10.14744/planlama.2023.57984  Pages 288 - 301

9.Capacity Building and Participation in Conserving the Multi-Layered Cultural Heritage of Bergama
Gülce Güleycan Okyay Bayazit, Demet Ulusoy Binan
doi: 10.14744/planlama.2023.72681  Pages 302 - 323

10.The Planning and Management in the Sustainability of Protected Areas: Kayseri Sultan Sazlığı
Reyhan Yıldız, Ceyhan Yücel, Gizem Katırcıoğlu
doi: 10.14744/planlama.2023.74429  Pages 324 - 339

11.Urban Food Planning and Policies: An Evaluation of the İstanbul Food Strategy Document
Cansu İlhan, Ebru Kerimoglu
doi: 10.14744/planlama.2023.60420  Pages 340 - 353

12.The Effect of Capital Types and Social Networks on the Labor Force Participation Process of Syrian Migrants: The Case of Istanbul
Nail Gökhan Karabulut, Ferhan Gezici
doi: 10.14744/planlama.2023.23600  Pages 354 - 371

13.Book Review: The Anti-Capitalist Chronicles
Kardelen Bahadır
doi: 10.14744/planlama.2023.65882  Pages 372 - 374
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