Journal of Planning - Planning: 31 (2)
Volume: 31  Issue: 2 - 2021

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3.A Review of the Environmental Sustainability History of the World and Turkey
Ayşe Akbulut, Özlem Özçevik
doi: 10.14744/planlama.2021.42103  Pages 141 - 150

4.Evaluation of Industrial-Cultural Heritage: The Case of Zollverein Mine Complex in Germany
Yaren Şekerci, İlknur Akıner
doi: 10.14744/planlama.2021.03274  Pages 151 - 163

5.Various aspects of public gardens: What would Jane Jacobs say for this project?
Meriç Kırmızı
doi: 10.14744/planlama.2021.87049  Pages 164 - 169

6.Distribution and Clustering of Turkish Cities on the Principle Components of Sustainable Quality of Life
Arzu Taylan Susan
doi: 10.14744/planlama.2020.48658  Pages 170 - 190

7.Urban sprawl and its reasons in the growth process of Konya urban area
Hale Öncel, Mehmet Çağlar Meşhur
doi: 10.14744/planlama.2021.04127  Pages 191 - 207

8.Effects of Urban Transformation on a Modern Housing Area: Talimhane, Istanbul Example
Elifnaz Durusoy Özmen, Ebru Omay Polat
doi: 10.14744/planlama.2020.18291  Pages 208 - 231

9.Analyzing the Impacts of Slow City Branding on Urban Space: The Case of Sığacık
Aysun Aygün, Dalya Hazar Kalonya, Görkem Gülhan
doi: 10.14744/planlama.2020.64325  Pages 232 - 260

10.The Effects of Conservation Registration Status on Real Estate Market Values on Talas (Kayseri) Case
Ceyhan Yücel, Samet Sakal
doi: 10.14744/planlama.2021.33043  Pages 261 - 279

11.Green Agenda of Planning: Climate Change, Clean Energy and Future Respecting the Environment
Ayda Eraydın, Tunga Köroğlu
doi: 10.14744/planlama.2021.46873  Pages 280 - 287
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12.Addressing Earthquake Risk and Climate Crisis together in Spatial Planning
Ender Peker, Ezgi Orhan
doi: 10.14744/planlama.2021.41713  Pages 288 - 301

13.Spatial Planning in the Climate Change Adaptation and Turkey in the Framework of Smart Governance
Gamze Kazancı, Azime Tezer
doi: 10.14744/planlama.2021.87487  Pages 302 - 320

14.The Science-Policy Interfaces in Climate Change-Related Policymaking and Planning Processes: Istanbul and Izmir Development Agencies
Mehmet Eroğlu, Aslı Öğüt Erbil
doi: 10.14744/planlama.2021.83798  Pages 321 - 336

15.Socio-spatial Sensitivity Areas in Wind Energy Transition: The Case of İzmir
Başak Demir, Anlı Ataöv
doi: 10.14744/planlama.2021.09226  Pages 337 - 351

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