Journal of Planning - Planning: 28 (1)
Volume: 28  Issue: 1 - 2018
1.Intellectual Exercises for Students of Planning - An Invitation
Gökhan Hüseyin Erkan
doi: 10.14744/planlama.2018.43255  Pages 1 - 5
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2.Evolution of the Relationship between Urban Planning and Urban Infrastructure
Savaş Zafer Şahin
doi: 10.14744/planlama.2018.75547  Pages 6 - 11

3.Resilience, the Rivet Effect, and the Changing Geography of Production Chains in the Turkish Automotive Industry
Yiğit Evren, Adem Sakarya
doi: 10.14744/planlama.2017.36035  Pages 12 - 21

4.Data Set for the Determination of Regional Development Level: Criticism and Recommendations
Sinem Dedeoğlu Özkan, Dilek Beyazlı
doi: 10.14744/planlama.2018.42104  Pages 22 - 39

5.Detection of Cultural Landscape Changes in the Historical Process: The Case of Bursa İznik
Seher Demet Kap Yücel, Esra Salt
doi: 10.14744/planlama.2018.46220  Pages 40 - 55

6.Urban Transformation and Changing Dynamics of Local Politics: Analyzing the Results of the 2009 and 2014 Local Elections in Izmir
Ali Kemal Çınar, Mehmet Penpecioğlu
doi: 10.14744/planlama.2017.92485  Pages 56 - 75

7.Immaterial Dimensions of the Right to the City: The Case of Istanbul’s Derbent Neighborhood in the Urban Transformation Process
Gizem Aksümer, Hakan Yücel
doi: 10.14744/planlama.2018.55264  Pages 76 - 89

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