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Information To Authors

Journal of Planning which is the publication of UCTEA Chamber of Urban Planners, publishes original articles, research briefs, book reviews and viewpoints on planning, design and urban and regional studies. The journal annually distributed free to the members of the Chamber, aims to reach colleagues and readers with case studies and tools in urban and regional planning field as well as politics and sociology. Each submissions in the journal published three times a year are blind-reviewed by external, independent peer reviewers in order to ensure an unbiased evaluation process. Executive Editor invites an external and independent reviewer to manage the evaluation processes of manuscripts submitted by the editorial board members of the journal. Executive Editors are the final authority in decision-making process for all submissions.

Manuscripts could be submitted in both English and Turkish. Preferred length for manuscripts (including notes and references) is 9000 words for articles, 5000 words for research briefs, and 2500 words for book reviews and viewpoints. Each submission will be reviewed by the editorial board initially and then will be sent to reviewers for evaluation. Evaluation process is carried anonymously. If necessary, further information might be requested from the authors. The manuscripts that are accepted, will be processed with detailed control for the accuracy and then will be asked again for an approval from the author before publication.

Submission of a manuscript implies that the work has not been published before and that its publication in Journal of Planning is approved by author(s). The author(s) transfer(s) the copyright to UCTEA Chamber of Urban Planners after the approval, and the author(s) guarantee(s) that the manuscript will not be published elsewhere in any other language without the consent of the Chamber*. If the manuscript has been presented at a meeting, this should be stated together with the meeting name, date and the place of the meeting. If the manuscript has been generated as a part of a postgraduate thesis, this should be stated together with the thesis name and institution.

*Copyright transfer process will be fulfilled via e-mail -sent by the publisher- during the publication preparations, after your article is accepted.


Journal of Planning is listed as “national peer-rewieved journal” in ULAKBIM Social Science Data Base by TUBITAK since 2013. The Journal is indexed in Ulrich’s and Avery (Index) since 2013, Web of Science, Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI) Data Base since 2015 and TUBITAK ULAKBIM TR Index Social Science Data Base since 2017.

Copyright Notice

All published material will become the sole property and will be copyrighted by the Journal. No part of the publication may be used without prior written permission of the publisher. Articles and illustrations become the property of the Journal after publication.

Open Access and Commons User Licenses

Open Access
The Journal of Planning is an open access journal which means that all content is freely available without charge to the user or his/her institution. Users are allowed to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link to the full texts of the articles, or use them for any other lawful purpose, without asking prior permission from the publisher or the author. This is in accordance with the BOAI definition of open access.

Commons User Licenses

Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0) For non-commercial purposes, lets others distribute and copy the article, and to include in a collective work, as long as they credit the author(s) and provided they do not alter or modify the article.

Policy of screening for plagiarism:
Papers submitted to Journal of Planning will be screened by iThenticate plagiarism detection tools. When the software finds out a similarity rate above 20% in total, manuscript will be subject to detailed extensive investigation. This process will also be applied to those with citations from one reference which is prevalent in the manuscript. Executive Editor may ask to reviewers for their opinion in the plagiarism examination process, if needed. Executive Editors are the final authority in decision-making to reject manuscript in terms of plagiarism or accept for standard evaluation process by reviewers.


Research Articles: These are the manuscripts that have an original and genuine conclusion based on a sufficient scientific study, observation and research. Articles in Turkish must have title, summary and keywords in both Turkish and English in addition to Turkish introduction, material and method, findings, disputes, conclusion and references. There is a 9000 words limit for the research articles including the text, tables and figures. Articles in English must have title, summary and keywords in English and both in Turkish also has be written according to the manuscript preparation guide for the Turkish articles. The limit for the abstracts in all languages is between 200 to 350 words.

Collation Articles: These
are the manuscripts written about the topics listed above that also reflect and evaluate the opinion and research results of the author over an important contemporary issue. The manuscript’s title and summary parts shall be in the same format as Research Articles and shall continue with introduction, main text and references. The article must not be more than 2500 words.
In addition, the manuscripts apart from viewpoint articles, book reviews and others (translations, presentation of competitions, research reviews, review of chamber and assessment) are accepted to be published in Journal of Planning after they are accepted by editor and Editorial Board.

Applications are only accepted online. Please see the link: or or and proceed application through “Online Manuscript Submission” or “Journal Agent” tab.

Article Preparation Details:

Article Preparation: Articles should have double-line spacing, leaving margin (3 cm) on both sides. The font size (11 points) and style (Arial) of the main text should be uniformly taken into account. All pages of the main text should be numbered consecutively.

Main Document: Ordering should be like; main text, references and thank-you note if available. Article title, abstract, keywords and author name(s) will be requested in online manuscript application system and can not be uploaded as a separate document.

Application Letter:
Application letter should be uploaded as a separate document. It must contain a brief statement that the article has been read and approved by all authors, that it has not been submitted to, or is not under consideration for publication in another journal. In addition, article title, authors’s name, surname and titles, institutions and places, if available supporting institution and fund name. Besides, it should be written that; name, address, telephone number, mobile phone number and e-mail address of the corresponding author.

Figures, illustrations, tables and photos:
All tables and figures should be uploaded in a seperate Word document or as seperate files in .jpg, .png format and all figures and tables should be numbered in the relevant order as in the main text. The desired position of figures and tables should be indicated in the text. Legends should be included in the relevant part of the main text.

Acknowledgement should be uploaded as a seperated document.

Notice about ID information:
Name(s) and surname(s) or initial of name(s) and surname(s) of author(s), name of organization(s) of author(s) work(s) or shortening of organization(s) should not be written in main text, references, tables and figures or in the names of these documents. If the manuscript is generated as a part of a postgraduate thesis, name of thesis or shortening of thesis should not be written in main text and related documents or in the names of documents. If If the manuscript has been presented at a meeting, name of meeting or shortening of meeting should not be written in main text and related documents or in the names of documents.

After a manuscript is evaluated by reviewer(s) and sent to author(s) for revising that suggested by reviewers; if author(s) do(es)n’t answer within 6 months, the manuscript will be returned to author(s) without notification and won’t be included in evaluation process.
The articles’ reference must be written according to the international APA 6.0 Formatting and Style Guide;

Single Author Book:
Zizek, S. (2009). Matrix: Ya da Sapkınlığın İki Yüzü. Bahadır Turan (Çev.).İstanbul: Encore.

Multi-Author Book: 
Abisel, N., Arslan, U.T., Behçetoğulları, P., Karadoğan, A., Öztürk, S.R. & Ulusay, N. (2005). Çok Tuhaf Çok Tanıdık. İstanbul: Metis.

Edited Book:
Özbek, M. (Ed.) (2005). Kamusal Alan. İstanbul: Hil.

Edited Book Chapter :

Kejanlıoğlu, B. (2005). Medya Çalışmalarında Kamusal Alan Kavramı. Meral Özbek (Ed.), Kamusal Alan içinde (s. 689-713). İstanbul: Hil.

Edition other than the First:

Strunk, W. Jr. & White, E. B. (2000). The Elements of Style (4. Baskı). New York: Longman.

Only Electronically Printed Book / e-Book as Main Reference: 
O'Keefe, E. (n.d.). Egoism & the cnsts in Western values. date .asp litem I 135

Electronic Version of the Book / e-Book Version of Main Reference: 
Freud, S. (1953). The method of interpreting dreams: An analysis of a specimen dream.

J. Strachey (Ed. & Trans.), The standart edition of the complete psychological works of Sigmund Freud (Vol. 4, pp. 96-121). (Original edition is dated 1900) 

Shotton, M. A (1989). Computer addiction? A study of computer dependency [DX Reader version]. Retrieved from

Schiraldi, G. R. (2001). The post-traumatic stress disorder sourcebook: A guide to healing, recovery, and growth [Adobe Digital Editions version]. doi: 10.1036/00713937

Web Links as Online References:

Article From an Online Periodical with DOI Assigned
Von Ledebur, S. C. (2007). Optimizing knowledge transfer by new employees in companies. Knowledge Management Research & Practice. Advance online publication. doi: 1 0.1 057/palgrave.kmrp.8500141 

e-Newspaper Articles/Columns: 
Çetin, Ö. (2010, 21 Ocak). Televizyon alışkanlıklarımız IPTV ile değişecek.

Multivolume Work: 
Pflanze, O. (1963-1990). Bismarc and the Development of Germany (Cilt 1-3). Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press.

Singlevolume in a Multivolume Work: 
Pflanze, O. (1990). The Period of Fortification, 1880-1898: Cilt 3. Bismarck and The Development of Germany. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press.

Earlier Version of Former Edition: 
Smith, A. (1976). An inquiry into the nature and causes of the wealth of nations. E. Cannan (Ed.). Chicago: University of Chicago Press. (İlk baskı 1776). Metin İçindeyse:(Smith, 1776/1976)

Weber, M. (1958). The Protestan Ethic and The Spirit of Capitalism. T. Parsons (Çev.). New York: Charles Scribner?s Son. (İlk baskı. 1904-1905).
If in text:(Weber, 1904-1905/1958)


Reports and Technical Articles:
Gencel Bek, M. (1998). Mediscape Turkey 2000 (Report No. 2). Ankara: BAYAUM.

Single Author Article from a Journal:
Aktay, Y. (1999). Aklın Sosyolojik Soykütüğü: Soy Akıldan Tarihsel ve Toplumsal Akla Doğru. Toplum ve Bilim, 82, 114-140.

Multi Author Article from a Journal:
Binark, F. M., Çelikcan, P. (1998). Mahremin Müzakereye Çağrılması ve Yıldo Örneği. Kültür ve İletişim, 1 (2), 197-214.

e-JouRnal Articles: 
Conway, P. (2003). Truth and reconciliation: The road not taken in Nambia. Online Journal of Peace and Conflict Resolution, 5 (1) (If it has doi its number if it doesn't have a doi than URL shall be given. URL sample:

Article of an Unknown Editor: 
Editorial: "What is a disaster" and why does this question matter? [Editorial•]. (2006). Journal of Contingencies and Crisis Management, 14, 1-2.


Unknown Editor Articles of Newspaper and/or Journal: 
The United States and the Americas: One History in Two Halves. (2003, 13 Aralık). Economist, 36.
Strong afterchocks continiue in California. (2003, 26 December). New York Times [National Edition.]. s.23.
If in text:(United States and the Americas, 2003) (Strong aftershock, 2003)

Newspaper and/or Journal Articles: 
Bruni, F. (2003, 26 Aralık). Pope pleads for end to terrorism and war. New York Times, s.21.

White Papers: 
Orr, H. A. (2003, 14 Ağustos). What?s not in your genes. [Review of the book Nature via nurture: Genes, experience, and what makes us human]. New York Review of Books, 50, 38-40.

Unpublished thesis, posters and articles: 
If it's downloaded from YÖK page, URL adress and information shall be given at the end.
Sarı, E. (2008). Kültür Kimlik ve Politika: Mardin’de Kültürlerarasılık. (Yayımlanmamış doktora tezi). Ankara Üniversitesi/Sosyal Bilimler Enstitüsü, Ankara.

An Encyclopedia Entry:
Balkans: History. (1987). Encyclopaedia Britannica (15. Baskı. Cilt. 14, s. 570- 588). Chicago: Encyclopaedia Britannica.
If in text:(Balkans: History, 1987)

Gerrymander. (2003). Merriam-Webster’s collegiate dictionary (11. Edition). Springfield, MA: Merriam-Webster?s.
If in text: (Gerrymander, 2003)

Arroyo, Gloria Macapagal. (2003). A time for Prayer. Michael Schuman ile söyleşi. Time. 28 Temmuz 2003. [Accessed:13 Ocak 2004] 

Pre-evaluation: Pre-evaluation is mandatory for all manuscripts. All manuscripts are reviewed by the editor and appropriate manscripts are sent to the editorial board and reviewed in terms of scientific concept. . All manuscripts are subject to editing and, if necessary, authors are asked for responses to outstanding questions or for addition of any missing information.
“Research Articles” that are found approriate are sent to the referees for reviewing by the editorial board. 

Liability of the Article: The author has the complete liability of the content of the printed manuscript. The Journal of Planning has no responsibility over the information given within the text. 

Right to Publish: Without the written permission of the editor and the editorial board of The Journal of Planning, manuscripts can not be fully or partly published in any other journal. 

Further Information: The editors or the editorial board have the right to ask to make further research on the fact that the manuscript is based on. Therefore, communication information (address and other) of the author must be given in the title page.

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